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There are many ways to say it, but the proper Molon Labe pronunciation is as simple as "Mow Loan Lah Vay". However, here in America, the typical way we say it is: "Mow Lawn Law Bay". It is commonly translated as "come and take it". Molon Labe is a phrase proclaimed in defiance to tyranny, and speaks to the inalienable rights of humans to protect their life and liberty.

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Each sign is carved with the information you provide. To order complete the selection criteria on this page and fill in the names and text you wish to have on your sign.

I send a free proof for your approval with every purchase. Most signs are received about a week after they are ordered. A wire hanger on the back allows the sign to be hung perfectly level. These signs are intended for indoor use only.

The phrase has its origins back to the days of the Greek city states in 480 BC, hence the Grecian helmet in the image. Persia was invading Greece and Sparta took up positions to confront them at a place called Thermopylae. The Spartans were greatly outnumbered by the Persian army. They had no chance of winning, yet they stayed to fight anyway.

With the Spartans facing certain death, King Xerxes of Persia demanded that King Leonidas of Sparta and his men lay down their arms and surrender. Leonidas responded to Xerxes in defiance: Molon Labe ("come and take them"). In 3 days of pitched battle the Greeks fought protecting their families and their fellow country men, which ultimately led to defeating the Persians at a later date.

In American history, the phrase was again used by a group of Texan settlers in a skirmish against Mexican soldiers where the phrase (in English) ended up on what is known as the Gonzales flag. The flag is the recognizable lone star, cannon, and phrase "come and take it".

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